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Whisper and rustle, oak-trees,

Remember the flight of heroes.

Gausantiskiai village old school

Accompany the young to the life.



From the school anthem



     Our school history facts:

  • 1920. The school was founded in Kelmickai village.
  • 1947. The 7-year school was opened in Marcinkyne, the village of Minelgai.
  • From 1961 it became the 8-year school.
  • 1964. The school was moved to the new 2-floor building.
  • From 1986 it became the 9-year school.
  • 1994. A building of kindergarten was disposed to the school.
  • 1995. The school museum was founded.

·         1996. A school bus was possessed.

  • 1999. The school became the 10-year middle school.

·         2000. The school was given the name of Antanas Valaitis, a teacher and a former political prisoner.

·         2003. The school gym was completed.

·         2005. A new school bus was received.

·         2005. New plastic classroom windows and external doors in the main building.

·         2007. New plastic windows in the main building corridors.

·         2010. Shower installation in the school gym. The school received a hygiene passport.

Purposes of our school


² Prepare students to live in the civic society.

² Bring up students’ respect to the culture and history of the Native country, of Europe, of the World.

² Achieve better teaching and students’ learning results.



The main attention is distributed to art, history and language teaching.

There are courses “The Literary Veliuona”, “Our Village and Local District History”, “Orthography” (Lithuanian Language) and “Solution” (Mathematics).


ART – ETHNO CULTURAL – CIVIC trends have been developed at our school.

Sports festivals have been organised at the end of each school year. This year we are having the 25th School Sports Festival.

Traditionally we also celebrate September 1st, The Autumn festival, Christmas, The 100-day festival, The Last Bell.

Music teachers and schoolchildren prepare nice concerts for Mother's Day every year and sometimes for parents' meetings. The Puppet theatre present their performances.

Every five years the school anniversary is held.




There are a lot of different clubs at our school:


The Puppet Theatre "Pasakėlė", The Drama Theatre "Pelėdžiukas", The Literature Club "Žaidžiu žodžiu",

The Instumental Ensemble "Gausantėlė",

The Art Study, The Applied Art Club,

The Travel to the Computerland, The Young Programmers' Club "Paskaliukas", The Club "Skaičių Šalyje"

The Young Foresters Club "Ąžuoliukas", The Dilligent Hands' Club "Darbštukai",

The Basketball Club "Olimpas", The Quadrat and Table Tennis Club "Nykštukai".




In 1997 our school created a project which linked some separate school subjects – "The Žalgiris Battle". This project embraced all day lessons of history, literature, German, mathematics and art in Form 7. Our school group went to Poland to visit the Grunwald field and to Vilnius to see the famous painting "The Zalgiris Battle" by Jan Mateiko. Our project had a review in the "Dialogas" newspaper.

Our school took part in these projects organised in Lithuania:

"We are changing our school "(1997). Some our students' art works were included into the book "My Dream School".

"The civic upbringing at school"(1998). Our headmaster and deputy headmaster's article was published in the book "The Civic Upbringing".

"The vision of the village middle school's library in the third millennium"(1998)

"The School Constitution"(2000)

"School is the local society cultural centre"(2000). Two works were prepared: "The educational movement of the school museum" and "A citizen of the school, Lithuania, Europe".

"The school is the informational centre of the village society"(2001)

"School for informational Lithuania"(2002)

"Computers for Schools in Lithuania"(2002)

"Children Carol Festival in Šiluva"(2003, 2004)

Young Foresters' contest "Forest is the Nature's Habitat"(2004)

Contest of Initiative Teachers (2004). The preparation of the methodological material applying Information technologies in the process of upbringing.

Contest "Cultural Heritage in Photography"(2005)

"In the Middle of Europe"(2005). Creation of the computer postcard dedicated to the anniversary of Lithuania joined the European Union.

In 2007 the school made a project “Homeland, a Beginning of History”.

In 2008 we organised a project “The Old Crafts of the Village”.

In 2008 our school took part in the action “Let’s Surround Lithuania” (to commemorate the millennium of Lithuania’s history) and won the 1st prize in the republic.





At the beginning it was only a wall newspaper "The School News". A group of a few tenformers with the headmaster's idea and their editor Jolanta Lukenskaitė started releasing it in September 1992. It had a handwritten form then and it contained articles about important school life events, sports results, cartoons, greetings, sympathies and s.o. Later it acquired a typewritten form and now it is a computer edited document. It has been released once or twice a year. Džilda Butkuvienė, our Lithuanian teacher was responsible for its editing during the period from 1995 to 2008. Since that year she moved her house and changed her work place. The edition of the school newspaper for two years was continued by Jolanta, the founder of our newspaper. Now the newspaper is being prepared and edited by Raimonda Klangauskaitė, another Lithuanian teacher at our school. Our newspaper has its editorial column now and pictures from different events have been used to illustrate articles. We can get acquainted with our school main event descriptions, students' essays and poetry in it.




Our School Greatest Supporters

Dragsholm Commune and ‘LIONS’ Club from Denmark support our school. They financed the Internet connection and payment (2000 Litas), gave a new computer. The school got second-hand school furniture, sports equipment (baskets for basketball, a table for table-tennis and others for 5470 Litas). The Denmark citizen John Nillsen made a sportswear present for our school sportsmen.

In 2003 a large group from Denmark "LIONS" Club visited our school to take part in our school gym opening ceremony because they had devoted 25 thousand Litas to the reorganization of the old heating house into a nice sports centre.

They presented us the "LIONS "Club emblem and 900 Litas for sports equipment on the occasion.

In 2005 when our school was celebrating its 85th anniversary the Club presented us a huge amount of money -33 thousand Litas for plastic windows in all classrooms in the main building.

In 2007 they assigned us 75 thousand Danish krones (nearly 35 thousand Litas) for the windows in corridors.

In 2010 our school had a transference of 12 thousand DDK (about 5,5 thousand Litas) for shower installation in the school gym, for plumbing equipment and conduit, for classroom and corridor repairs.

Arūnas Simonavičius, the businessman, supported school sports festivals for some years.

In 2004 our school was adopted by a son of an emigrant family from Lithuania John Kuncas. He was born, grew up and lives in the USA, but he hasn't forgotten his ancestors' native Veliuona surroundings. In 2005 he assigned to our school $183 dollars and in 2009 he added $250.





Savivaldybės biudžetinė įstaiga. Tamošių k., Veliuonos sen., 74432 Jurbarko r.

Tel. (8 447) 47 645, el. p. gausantiskiai@takas.lt

Duomenys kaupiami ir saugomi Juridinių asmenų registre, kodas 190919374.